Monday, August 22, 2005

A Different World

Couple of months back life changed. Well life changes many times. For some it changes after a new baby, for others after marriage or after joining school or maybe after a new job or meeting someone special.

For me it was after my MS diagnosis. It was very disturbing for my wife, "S", given all the uncertainities of living with an unconquered monster. I was rather cool to start with. Being the ever optimist that I am .. I said.. oh .. so one more interesting experience. Well life is short and anything can happen anytime. So why not live everyday with passion. Follow the long lost passions of book reading, exploring new web technologies, sports and all good things.

Life was on a high for some months. Was able to read 20+ non-fiction books in a short time frame, write couple of blogs, do a lot of research on topics of interest, engage in hot discussion with friends on topics ranging from SaaS, God , India's emergence in this century and much more. All this while passionately doing my day job of leading a large Siebel support team at work. Also exploring emerging new technologies like SaaS (Software As A Service) especially, wiki. All of it best reflected by my signature, "Nothing in this world can Stop a Person or Idea whose Time Has Come". And of course getting linkedin to people I knew, engaging in the IIM Brand building efforts and so on.

Then things changed. As i was pulled into a new project, really critical but not as interesting as my passion for technologies. More importantly couple of times had some fatigue symptoms, aches etc and mood took a down swing. Also having done some deep research on the monster via a book by Howard Weiner from Harvard, browsing Web on practical dimesnions like financial security etc. I became a bit somber.

The only great thing to have happened however was the change in "S". She became much more stronger than ever, more supportive and almost my lifeline. At the end we have agreed on a more balanced approach and focus on the practical dimensions. Maybe now when things are still in decent shape it is the time to plan for an alternate source of income via her, get some financial backup and things like that. Guess life will never be the same again but thankfully timing was I am really lucky. If there was ever an hope for a cure then this is the decade. Advances in diagnostic technologies including MRI, Stem Cell Research, better understanding of Nervous System & Immune System. My guess in that with all of these coming together a solution shouldn't be far away.

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