Friday, June 30, 2006

Reinventing myself

Now an update to myself. Feb to June has been a gruelling period in terms of work load. Had fun. Even better, was able to rediscover some areas where I am not only passionate about and can make a difference. Started a Global Alumni Group for my college in my hometown. The Golden Jubillee celebrations were a great start. Also got engaged in a project Patna Rice to establish Patna Rice as a GI and gain benefits for farmers and others associated with it. Of course a better branding for my hometown and also a Pilot for future projects are main drivers as well. The project also was a great learning experience in terms of a Global Collaborative team with Opensource/Free technologies and leveraging expertise from people in diverse arena and locations. Has been a fantastic first half of year and hope to continue in the same vein. Gave a chance to explore building a website in collaboration with group members who provided content, graphics and above all ideas.

Besides these have also had a chance to continue my reading momentum. Read , Drucker's Management Challenges for the 21st century. Marcus Buckingham's, " Now Discover your strengths". Currently have couple of more books waiting for time. This includes, "Blue Ocean Strategy", "HBR: Managing Yourself", "Ballsy" etc etc.

On work front can't disclose the exact nature of work but has been a great experience on being the cutting edge of my industry and designing/discovering next level of thinking on that.

Besides all these, also had some good fun trips to "Six Flags", "NYC" and some parties at home and local friends. So overall a fantastic first half of year and now time to take it to next level in coming six months

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