Sunday, September 11, 2016

Another Day Another Challenge but will keep trying

Had an interesting mix of events/developments yesterday. One one hand lot of progress.

1) In one of volunteer projects, TYESV program, starting on 17th Oct made some progress with our team reaching out to few students for registrations, Jay sharing details of 45+ private schools in Santa Clara. Now we need to reach out to them

2) My Jharkhand project had a major set back when i discovered some secrets that might force me to go slow or only after careful due diligence

3) Also another bad news from Bihar that a convicted Murderer and Politician, Mohammad_Shahabuddin is out of Jail. He killed a school senior  Chandrashekhar jee , also my senior at JNU

Die Another Day 
My school has a strong connection. , he was caught under a school senior as DM and convicted by a Judge, Shivkirti who is school senior

So with all the developments there is something to cheer about and keep singing +Die Another Day Full Movie' 

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