Friday, September 09, 2016

Bouncing Back

In my slumped months of '05 I was going downhill. Productivity and morale at work was at an abyss. Those were like drowning in hell. Self doubt, depression, sadness and all sorts of negativity creeped in. Having studied from the best of b-schools in world (at least toughest to get into) I didn't fee like that sense of confidence and "can do" feeling. I was blaming it all on MS though stil not sure if it was as much as medical as being psychological. However slowly in beginning of '06 have started to come out of it. Started to read some great books, thinking about myself - goals, capabilities, aspirations. The search of What should I do with my life etc. Among all the self-doubt and negativity there was one good development. I started to question myself, my action, my thoughts. In past being the argumentative & probably reasonably intelligent and well read person that I am, was able to justify all actions and thoughts of myself. This dark phase of my life at least encouraged me to question myself, have a second thought on my actions, beliefs and thoughts.

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