Wednesday, May 31, 2017

In one of the "whatsapp" groups I was asked, how do i manage to participate in conversations across time zones and response so fast.

Below is a lengthy but serious reply.

I wake up early and sleep early.

I have a non lethal non curable non communicable ailment called Multiple Sclerosis which I got diagnosed with in 2004 with fatigue and pain as main symptoms.

 I don't feel pain when I am busy reading, writing, speaking, walking or working , playing so I keep myself busy all the tine. Even while waiting for a train or car or flight I  am busy on my iPhone. This gives me little extra time than most people have. My day starts early around 4-5am. One secret I have learnt from some great leaders I have worked with is that they respond very fast. Saying no, saying not now/maybe later or actually responding/doing what they have to do. This makes sure their task list or mail list is small.

In case some person or group share lot of  jokes or useless forwards then I quit or mute .

Technology is the great enabler so I use technology s lot too. Also I focus a only on managibg my priorities, Health, Relationships, Finance, Experiences in that order.

Connecting , sharing and helping  is what  I am engineered for hence I help or share as much as i can and also enjoy and live happily most of the time in spite of deaths in family, setbacks in life.

Atul Kunar

answered in all seriousness with no sarcasm. You asked a personal question with lot of humour so I thought I can balance with a long serious answer. Today is also World MS Day so thought should spread some awareness as three is very little awareness in India as 70% of patients are Caucasian Females. Hope I could answer you politely and completely.

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