Saturday, July 29, 2017

Updates from the Valley

It has been almost 2 years since we relocated to the Valley ( Silicon Valley) for my wife's transfer for a project with Apple. We packed and moved. Within few months I registered my venture, A++ Ventures. Also became an active part of the local community. I volunteered as an Ambassador to @TiECon 2016 and met connectors like +Monalisa Chati from @ServiceNow. Mona is key member of  @FOGSV by Dr @Romesh Japra , also participated in @GITPro , joined @HSS , attended meetings at +Stanford University , @UC Berkely  @Santa Clara University @San Jose State University. Visited various places like @LA with family members visiting from Hyderabad, London, Texas. Spent lot of my time in India too due to father's operation in AIIMS which went well. Used that time in Delhi to launch , Bharat Entrepreneurs Network at IIFT on 11th April with the vision of
 In between also attended 15th Reunion at IIMA, TiE Global Summit at New Delhi, Jharkhand Investor Summit at Ranchi, brother's marriage in Ranchi and few more. I had also helped the visiting delegation in meetings at Bay Area & New York, Raghubar Das-in-us-to-attract-investments

Lot of interesting events, people, accidents ... not a boring moment yet. Moved from San Jose to Pleasanton in April last week again due to wife's project and within 1 week disaster struck at family when my nephew Golu ( Satyam Shresth) met an accident on 1st of May at Bangalore and we rushed to Ranchi for 3 weeks

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